Trevor Bauer wants credit for Max Scherzer’s massive Mets deal


Trevor Bauer may not pitch anytime soon, but he’s leaving a legacy anyway. At least in his own mind.

Bauer’s contract with the Dodgers was similar enough in structure to Max Scherzer’s that he took to Twitter to note his own trendsetting ability.

“Short term deal for high AAV huh?” Bauer tweeted. “Hmmm. Interesting. Congrats Max!”

The key difference in Bauer’s three-year, $102 million deal and Scherzer’s three-year $130 million would be the age of the players involved. Bauer is 30. Scherzer is 37.

So Bauer will likely have a next contract — at least if any team is willing to take him on with his considerable off-field baggage. Scherzer is more likely to retire as a Met.

Still, Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba also took credit on Twitter.

Trevor bauer and max scherzer
Trevor Bauer’s deal with the Dodgers is similar in its low-term, high-AAV makeup to Max Scherzer’s Mets deal.
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“Cool to see Scherzer use this new ‘market’ Bauer strived to create for players — shorter deals w/ higher AAV for top-market guys,” Luba tweeted. “Creating that market & getting comfortable w/$40M+ salaries was a huge challenge. Awesome seeing him&his agent use this new market to build off of.”

Bauer’s 2021 season ended early after MLB put him on leave following allegations of sexual assault. Though he was found not guilty in court, it seems unlikely that Bauer will pitch for the Dodgers again.

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