School bus aide Rochelle Pinkle stabs nurse, holds student at knifepoint


A Pennsylvania school bus aide is charged with stabbing a nurse at the school and holding a 14-year-old student hostage at knifepoint in a bizarre burst of violence.

Police said the incident unfolded shortly after 9 a.m. Wednesday during morning drop-off at the Watson Institute, a school for special-needs students in Allegheny County.

Rochelle Pinkle, an aide at the Sewickley school, allegedly stabbed the school nurse twice in the back, then grabbed the student and led him at knifepoint back inside her bus, WTAE-TV said.

She released the teen after police arrived but struggled with the cops and had to be zapped with a stun gun before she was taken into custody, according to the outlet.

Pinkle was hit with 13 charges, including aggravated assault and endangerment.

Police have not revealed what fueled the attack or said if Pinkle and the victim knew each other, but said the nurse’s injuries were not life-threatening and the student was not injured in the incident.

“I do understand they will make a safe recovery and a full recovery,” Leet Township Police Chief Michael Molinaro told the outlet.

Rochelle Pinkle
Police used a stun gun on Pinkle after she refused to surrender.
Watson institute bus aide stabbing
The incident happened at the Watson Institute, a school for special-needs students in Allegheny County, Pa.

“There was no danger to the community,” the chief said. “Police response time was within minutes, and within at least 25 minutes, I’d say, we had her in custody.”

But the attack stunned locals, who said the school has never posed a problem.

“I’m floored that anything like this would happen up there,” neighbor Susann Hyjeck told WTAE. “But Watson’s a good place for your children and everything, and we’ve been happy to have them as neighbors.”

Watson Institute was locked down during the Wednesday morning incident.

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