Millions shocked over secret Alexa code that unlocks hidden Super Mode


A secret Alexa code revealed on TikTok has been viewed by millions of users.

Saying the code aloud causes Amazon’s smart speaker to “activate Super Mode” – and will spark a Siri response too.

The phrase in question is the Konami Code, a string of button descriptions from classic gaming joypads.

It’s a legendary cheat code, which has been introduced to Alexa and Siri as an Easter egg.

The ‘Super Mode’ doesn’t actually do anything, but instead is a whimsical tribute to the iconic video game cheat.

The code to say is: “Alexa, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start”, as revealed on TikTok.

Bear in mind that Alexa might not always say that Super Mode has been activated.

She has a number of canned responses for when the Konami Code is said aloud.

TikTok users tried the code themselves, and reported several different phrases being returned.

They included “Wrong code, try again” and “Woo-hoo, power up galore”.

You can also try the code with Siri on your iPhone or Apple HomePod.

Users say Siri has been replying with “nerd” upon hearing the Konami Code.

So what is the Konami Code?

It’s probably the most famous cheat code, famed for its use in many Konami video games.

Players would tap in the code using their controller to unlock special cheats or settings.

The code first appeared in NES shooter Gradius, but was popularised in the US with Contra.

In Contra, the code would give the player 30 lives.

The code appeared in dozens of games, and has since been repurposed by newer titles, websites and apps as an Easter egg or tribute.

Here are some examples of places you can access Konami Code features today…

Typing in the code here will give you a funky colourful background.

This IT video learning site pops up a load of fun cartoon characters (watch out for Darth Vader!)

SUPER SPEAKER Millions shocked over viral secret Alexa code that unlocks hidden Super Mode
The code to say is: “Alexa, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.”

3. Siri

Apple’s virtual assistant Siri knows the Konami Code – reciting it to her will trigger one of three responses: “Cheater!”, “Nerd.” or “I’m getting dizzy…”

Not much of a secret, as it lists the Konami Code right there on the page, but heading to this site will unlock a “hidden” 1976 interview with Stark Trek legend William Shatner.

Jokey video game site DuelingAnalogs has hidden artwork depicting Jesus’ disciples acting out the Konami code.

CSSline is a showcase gallery of excellent CSS sites from all over the world. Typing in the Konami Code gives you a list of… you guessed it: Konami Codes.

Some people have a fun spin on the sequence coded into their personal websites.

Typing in the code on someone’s profile page causes posts on the page to go a little strange…

Outside of the internet, the code plays a big role in the Disney flick Wreck It Ralph.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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