Curtis Sliwa says he was hit by NYC cab, then did radio show


This cat’s got nine lives.

Feline-friendly GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa — who once survived a botched alleged mob takedown — was hit by a cab Friday but then proceeded on his way to a radio show before going for treatment at Lenox Hill Hospital afterwards, he said.

“As I was running here to fulfill the hour that I had purchased for this expose on Eric Adams, I was hit by the cab driver, thrust about 6 feet in the air right outside Rockefeller Center, where the Rockettes perform,” Sliwa said on WABC radio Friday afternoon during a paid spot he’d taken out on a show to go after his opponent, Democrat Eric Adams.

“I have a feeling this cab driver and others thought that I was dead,” Sliwa said about 45 minutes after the run-in.

“I flew in the air about 6 feet, scurried up and started running in order to get here in time. I just want to relieve that cab driver because I’m sure that cab driver thought that he had killed me. … I was trying to beat the light and get to the other side before the changeover,” Sliwa continued.

He later quipped on Twitter, “Don’t worry, everyone. The taxi is okay.”

NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa
Curtis Sliwa says he is receiving treatment at Lenox Hill Hospital.
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Rob Cole, Sliwa’s senior campaign adviser, told The Post that “adrenaline” got the red beret-wearing vigilante through the radio hour but that he started swelling up and having trouble moving afterward.

“His left arm is hurting pretty badly,” said Cole, who was with Sliwa at the emergency room, where the Guardian Angel founder was getting X-rays.

“He ripped his pants pretty badly. He’s scraped up his knees and arms,” Cole said.

Cole said Sliwa, 67, was exiting a campaign van when he stepped into traffic on West 50th Street and got hit by the cab.

“No police report was filed because if five bullets didn’t kill him, a yellow cab’s not going to get him,” Cole said, referring to the botched mob hit against Sliwa in 1992 that was thought to be orchestrated by the Gambino family’s John Gotti.

Sliwa’s campaign suspended the rest of his events for Friday.

Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa
Curtis Sliwa was exiting a campaign van when he says he stepped into traffic and got hit by the cab.
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Sliwa has a history of fabricating incidents for publicity, including staging a kidnapping in 1983.

He trails Adams in a recent poll by 40 points for the Nov. 2 general election.  

Adams wished his opponent a speedy recovery.

“I’ve just been informed that Mr. Sliwa was struck by a yellow cab while out campaigning today, and is being treated at Lenox Hill hospital,” Adams tweeted.

“I’d like to wish him a speedy recovery, and I hope to see him back out on the trail this weekend.”

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