Alpo Martinez was a serial womanizer, self-proclaimed ‘rat’


Any number of people may have wanted to kill slain New York City drug lord Alpo Martinez, police said Thursday — as new details emerged showing he was a serial womanizer and self-proclaimed “rat.”

“Suspects? Everyone he ever knew is a suspect in this,”  a high-ranking police source told The Post,  adding Martinez had turned on fellow associates before entering a witness protection program.

Martinez, who was fatally shot in a drive-by in Harlem Sunday,  wasn’t exactly tight-lipped about the fact that he’d betrayed former associates, the police source said.

He talked openly about being a government witness in a YouTube video last year about becoming a federal informant.

“So what did that tell you? I’m not promoting being a rat, being a government witness. I’m promoting you get locked up you do what you gotta do,” he says in the footage.

“I don’t promote being a rat, government witness. I promote being a man and walk[ing] in your own shoes.”

Martinez's truck is towed away after shooting.
Authorities investigating the shooting of Alpo Martinez have said that any number of people may have wanted to kill the notorious drug kingpin.
Tomas E. Gaston
Close up image of the gun shot damage after the deadly shooting.
Alpo Martinez was under witness protection and living in Lewiston, Maine.
Tomas E. Gaston
Martinez's truck is hooked up to a tow truck to be taken away following the deadly shooting.
Martinez spoke openly in a Youtube video about becoming a government witness.
Tomas E. Gaston

Martinez, who was portrayed by Cam’ron in the 2002 movie “Paid In Full,” had been hiding out in a witness protection program in the town of Lewiston, Maine —  where neighbors recalled seeing an ever-changing stream of women leaving his apartment, according to

Neighbor Kaileigh Tara, who knew Martinez as Abraham Rodriguez, said she once told him off for cheating on a woman who considered herself his fiancé, the outlet reported.

“I did that to a drug lord. He could have disappeared me,” Tara said, adding she had no clue about his dangerous profession.

Other neighbors said he lived a quiet life working as a Pepsi distributor then later in construction but wasn’t seen much in recent months.

Martinez was shot five times as he sat in his 2017 Dodge Ram at 147th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, according to police.

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